What is massage chair track?

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Speaking of massage chair, it is what on the inside that really counts. A better basic understanding of Massage Chair can

 help us to choose the most suitable relax Massage Chair when we have a purchase demand .


If you have some purchasing experience about modern high end massage chair, you must know that the core parts of 

one massage chair: 3D/4D massage mechanism, long massage roller track, automatic massage programs, Touch screen controller, 

automatic extendable footrest, voice control system, air bags massage, etc.


No doubt that Massage Track is one of the key factors for deciding the massage experience and effect.

 So we should pay attention to massage track when purchasing new massage chair. And what exactly 

is the massage track and the best massage track? Please read on our explanation and recommendation.


What is massage track?

It is the track of massage mechanism and massage rollers movement on the back, the massage track guide the rollers up and down on your back, 

which decide the massage area and comfort level.

There are 5 types massage track : no massage track, straight massage track, S-track,L-track and SL-track. 

 The massage chairs with no massage track actually can be called massage cushion. Its massage rollers are fixed on the back, offer fixed point massage.

We have one small massage chair with 8 fixed points massage, kinds of massage modes and automatic massage programs. 

This massage chair price is very cheap. If you are interested, we would like to share more detailswith you.

The straight massage track is the second generation massage track, after improvement , it only covers 64cm massage 

with stiff massage intensity. And it has limited massage methods.

L track massage chair

S-track massage : The S in S track refers to the shape of the roller track - the rollers travel up and 

down this track to provide massage.

 It has a slight curve to it, like an S, to mimic the shape of the human spinal curve. This allows the

 rollers to follow your spine moreaccurately than if the track was straight. 

Massage track can cover 60-80cm long, especially bring comfortable massage for neck and shoulder.

S track massage chair

L-track massage: L Track massage chairs work the same way as S Tracks, but can extend further down the body. 

An S Track massage chair would only go as far down as your lower back, but an L Track can travel down to your 

glutes or hamstrings, which covers longer massage 110-130cm massage area. L-track massage chairs are very 

'helpful for waist pain relief and ischialgia.

 L track massage chair FOR sale

S-track VS L-track: Compared with S-track, L-track add massage area for lower back and thigh, it is suitable for people who 

suffer pain in buttock and thigh. S-track guides the rollers as the spine shape, which has good effort on neck and shoulder 

massage, but can not massage the buttock and thigh.

So what is the best massage track can meet the full body massage requirements?  Yes, it is the latest advanced SL-track!


SL-track is the extension and combination version of S-track and L-track. It can offer massage all the way down with curves. 

Namely SL-track Massage Chair the most ergonomic body care massage chair at the present time, can offer super 

comfortable deeper massage for every part and acupuncture points.

SL track massage chair


Some newer 4D massage chairs are starting to combine both of these tracks to 

create an even more full-body massage experience. we focus on supplying high end advanced massage chair, our engineers

have developed several luxury leather and plastic 4D SL-track massage chairs with the latest technology for customers’ option.



Finally , let us summarize briefly, after those introduction above, we can find out that SL-track massage chair is the most advanced 

massage chair in the market right now. If you need a full body massage chair with SL-track, please contact us at your convenient. 

We also have optional S-track massage chairs and L-track massage chairs,it is our pleasure to recommend the most 

suitable health care massage chair for you!

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