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Best Full Body Airbags Massage Chair Recliner

Space Capsule Zero Gravity Massage Chair
MOQ: 1 unit
FOB SHANGHAI or any china port
Warranty Period: One Year

  • MS-H881
  • Morningstar
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Best Full Body Massage Chair Recliners 

Space Capsule Zero Gravity Massage Chair:

1. PU + Plastic material for external cover.

2. Knocking, kneading, flapping, and Shiatsu, synchronous Kneading & Knocking massage modes from head to buttocks.

3. One button for front parallel movement for 200mm, super long L-S shape massage circle enjoyment, wireless bluetooth control system.

4. Carbon fibre heating therapy for back and seat.

5. Airbag massage for head, shoulders, arms, thighs, and legs.

6. Both airbag massage and rollers for leg position.

7. Remote controller with TFT display screen.

8. Stretching function to perform Thai real massage.

9. 8CM for Space against wall.

10. Outside speaker for music play, can play music via Bluetooth for iphone, ipad and mobiles with android 2.0 version controlling system. 

Magnetic therapy Massage Chair

Magnetic therapy Massage Chair-2

Magnetic therapy Massage Chair-2

Magnetic therapy Massage Chair-3

Magnetic therapy Massage Chair-6

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