What is the zero gravity of the massage chair?

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Massage Chair has existed in the market for a long time, with the development of health care products, 

Kinds of massage chairs appear in the market, includes commercial massage chair, home use massage chair,

 space capsule design massage chair, zero gravity massage chair. etc.


Most people are curious about what is zero gravity function when they purchase a massage chair.

Zero gravity function can simply be defined as massage chairs that provide zero gravity position.

Zero gravity position refers to the position of the knees higher than the heart when body lies

completely relaxed, which is a state of lying position out of gravity.


The “zero gravity “ state was developed by NASA in order to relieve the stress on the spine of Astronauts during taking off

. To be precise, as per MSIS ( Human Body Systems Integration Standard) developed by NASA, for protecting our spine , 

the angle between spine and trunk should be 128°( +/- 7°), between thigh and calf should be 133°( +/- 8°). When our 

body position angles are out of ranges, it will increase the risk of spine injury.

zero gravity massage chair

According to the research of US Bureau of Labor Statistics, people spent 9 hours on working,

8 hours on sleeping, 6 hours leisure time, the left 2 hours for others, such as commuting.

This means a long time of keeping static position in one day, which can reduce the circulation

 and increase the stress of spine, and lead to pain of neck shoulder back waist, etc.  

 pain back massage chair

Zero-gravity’s specific angled position will help you feel the least gravity pressure because most of 

the body's center of gravity falls on the fat area of the buttocks , reducing the pressure on the spine. 

At the same time, other parts of the body can be better relaxed, which helps release stress and fatigue, 

and can also make the massage achieve better results.


That’s why the expert add this “ zero gravity “ technology on the massage chair, now let us share the detailed benefits of the gravity massage chair .


1. Raise Your Legs If You're Sure

Massage chairs that market themselves as zero gravity massage chairs include in their product the ability for you to raise your 

chair so that your legs are actually positioned above your torso. If youve ever sat in one of these chairs I’m sure you’ll 

probably agree that it’s a very relaxing position and that alone can remove some stress from a busy day.

 buttock massage chair

2. Decompress Your Spine

Another reason that putting your body in a zero gravity position is so beneficial is because it eliminates the pressure on your spine 

and vertebrae caused by gravity pushing down on them all day long. Over time as the weight of gravity has its effects on your

 body, your spine will actually shift into a C-shape; thats not a natural position for the body and that’s often why people experience 

a lot of back pain. The zero gravity position allows your spine to return to a more natural S-shaped position which, as you’ve probably guessed, 

will help to eliminate back pain.


3. Reduce the Stress from Your Heart

Another major benefit of moving your body to a zero gravity position is that it can actually relieve stress from your heart.

 When youre standing all day your heart has to work hard to pump blood into areas that require it to work against the force of gravity. 

In a zero gravity position your body is pumping the blood vertically, which means it’s working a lot more efficiently and with less effort.

 Again, this will allow it to pump more blood throughout the system, helping to attack those aches and pains.


4. Great for the Legs

With your legs raised above your torso you’ll actually notice a very marked reduction in swelling, especially around the

 ankles over time. Again, this is because the heart is pumping more efficiently, there is more blood going through your system, and therefore

 less overall stress on the system, which will help to reduce swelling.


5. Increase the Circulation

As that extra blood is pumped into your body’s system your body’s circulation system works better and more efficiently, which will add to your

 overall feeling of wellness. Quite often those little aches and pains you feel after a hard day at work are the result of a lack of oxygen in the body and

 poor circulation. So, essentially, when you’re in a zero gravity position it’s not only the massage function of the chair that’s helping to relieve 

stress and tension from your muscles, it’s also the actual position itself.


6. Your Lungs Will Thank You

When you remove the pressure from your spine and allow it to resume a more natural position you also increase the area available

 in your body for your lungs. With that extra room available, your lungs will expand and you’ll actually be able to breathe better. 

When you breathe better you take in more oxygen and you pass more oxygen into the blood, having an overall beneficial effect.


We hope you like this article and have a good idea about the zero gravity benefits.

Welcome to contact us if you are looking for a high quality zero gravity massage chair with good price. 

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