exploration of 2021 new 4D massage chair RT8760L

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Hi friends, as mentioned that our new updated 4d model RT8760L will be on sale in March soon. 

As a classical and popular high end massage chair, today let us explore deeply what huge advantages it has and to see if it can impress you.

 4d massage chair

phone massage chair

What are the updated functions compared with Popular 3D Model RT8760?

 Rotary switch quick controller

Power/Auto Massage : Press and hold for 3 seconds to power on/off the massage chair

Quick press to switch auto massage programs

Rotate clockwise/counterclockwise to increase/decrease 3D massage intensity.

massage chair for sale

Multi-function Phone Stand

1.   Auto sensing cradleWhen sensing an objectthe arms of the cradle slides open slowly.

you may also touch the grip/ release button to open the cradle

2. Wireless charging function You may use the wireless charging function to charge the device 

when needed, USB charging is also optional

The secrets of high quality MSTAR Massage Chairs 

Advance Eco-friendly Material

Full body massage chair is wrapped by high quality durable PU leather, irregular pattern faux Leather,spandex fabric, etc

High Quality is Most Concerned:

Thousands of massage chairs’ components are excellent finished with strong and durable features.

Deformation resistance, impact resistance and wear resistance.

Specially-made anti-impact and shock absorption screws are used to fix vibration parts.

mstar massage chair

Top Fire Resistant Material to Ensure Safety: fire resistant material all over the chair,In conformity with GB/T2408 V0 fire resistant standard

Why MSTAR Massage Chair are Heavier? We use Heavy Duty Iron Metal Chair Frame Provide Solid Support, the 1.5-2.5mm square tube are used for chair’s frame, 1-1.5mm thicker than C channel iron frame which is much stronger than equivalent quality C channel iron frame.


Superior Inner Creates Extraordinary Massage Experiences

RT8760L 4D Massage Chair brings users great full body massage experience. How does it do?

 4D Mechanism, artificial human hand massage bring more deeper and comfortable massage, especially specialized Neck&Back Massage Mechanism

Full body airbags massage for shoulder, armrest, back, calves and feet.

Super long S-L shape massage track match human’s body shape perfectly, remove blind areas.

massage chair sl track

 Leg and Foot Massage Improve overall comfort

2 Sections footrest and legrest, extra 95MM Auto extension length for legrest, 

extra legrest can cover the knee, which provides a larger massage area from knee to sole. Automatic extension footrest 

12cm bring better leg stretch massage experience.

Heating therapy for back, waist, leg and knee.

heating massage chair

6 Auto massage programs: especially recommend Flagship Program-Extension.

5 massage techniques: Rhythm tapping, Sync, Caring Kneading, Knocking, Deep shiatsu

Zero Gravity experience: 3 levels zero gravity position adjustable to offer your most comfortable angle.  

Music via Bluetooth: enjoy the music and comfortable massage at the same time, double relax

Space saving design with 10CM wall clearance : no worries about the room space

3 Rollers for sole

Super large space & body scanning: get one chair, bring happiness and health to all members of family  

After all those introduction of RT8760L, we believe that you have a deep knowledge of this new updated 4d massage chair. In brief, whether there is achy shoulders, a sore back, tight calves, or just for relaxing and better sleep, 2021 latest 4D RT8760L offer your required massage ,which all aimed at treating your body to exactly what it needs—so just sit down and enjoy it. 

If you are interested in this new 4d massage massage chair, please feel free to contact us, we are looking forward to any great cooperation with you.



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