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Recongnition for Massage Chair RT8760

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Dear customers,

Believe you have already gone through our products before you turn to see this webpage.

So have you found any of our product that meets your requirement?

Please feel free to contact us if have any question for our products.

Our sales will be at your service all the time:)

Ok let’s get down to business, the first prority we would like to illustrate is our model RT8760 which have been released since October of year 2018.

Almost all news related to this model been a heated topic since it has been popularized. It selling just like a Hot Cake; And we got many repeat customers who from North America, European, South of Asia; Oceanian countries and so on.

And now, please kindly have loot at our brief introduction for having an in-depth knowledge of our Massage Chair RT8760:

Zero Gravity Sleep System;

Full Body Scan - Smart Full Body Medical Scan (massage width from 2.3 inches to 7.8 inches);

Head to Toe Back Massage System;

3D Massage - True 3D Deep Tissue Massage System;

Lower Back Massage - Intense Lower Back Rollers;

Engulfed Arm Massage System;

Quiet Massage;

Auto adjustable Leg Extensions for 6.6 inches;

Wheels so you can easily move the chair around;

Full Body Stretch;

Hip Twist;

Shoulder Massage - Humongous Shoulder Massagers;

Heat Massage for back & waist;

Foot Reflexology Massage System;

Custom Forming Sole Rollers;

Hand Reflexology Massage Sytem;

Full Body Reflexology Massage System;

Human Hands Massage System;

Bluetooth music (no USB);

Smart phone/Tablet application controls (iOS & android APPs);

Sliding rail move forward to save space (11 inches, no need to leave any space between our chair and the wall);

Six auto programs and four manual modes;

Four colors optional (black, brown, champagne, grey);

Back roller intensity can be changed during 3D massage;

The maximum weight capacity is 265lb.

Recommended Products

ANY COIN APPLICABLE Commercial massage chair for business MOQ: 1 unit FOB SHANGHAI or any china port
Space Capsule Zero Gravity Massage Chair MOQ: 1 unit FOB SHANGHAI or any china port Warranty Period: One Year
1.AC110V/220V/240V 2.Power: 180W 3.Air Bag Qtty: Shoulder 4pcs /Hand 16pcs / Seat 4pcs / Leg 10pcs/ Foot 12pcs 4.7"touch screen control;armrest touch shortcut button 5.Program: Auto /Manual 6.SL-type super-long rail technology massage distance is 135cm 7.4D movement: 4 massage balls, shoulder position detection 8.One button design, slip against the wall & zero gravity 8.Auto-adjustment of leg degree,leg footrest adjust length automatically 9.Auto-telescopic footrest, auto-sensing plantar position 10.Three rows of rolling massage on the sole of the foot 11.Shoulder, hip, leg, hand, whole body air pressure massage 12.Bluetooth Music 13.Hot compress function of leg and waist 14.Negative Ion Air Generator 15.USB charging 16.EPU leather, support choose color in catalogue. 17.Plastic appearance can choose white / black
1.AC110V/220V/240V 2.Power: 150W 3.Air Bag Qtty: Shoulder 4pcs / Seat 4pcs / Leg 10pcs/ Foot 12pcs 4.Program: Auto /Manual 5.L-type super-long rail technology massage distance is 130cm 6.2D massage hands: 4 massage balls, precise massage 7.One button design, slip against the wall 5cm & zero gravity 8.Dual Control System: Manual Controller/Shortcut Button 9.Shoulder, hip, leg, foot air pressure massage 10.Bluetooth Music Playing in Left and Right Channels 11.Auto-adjustment of leg degree 12.Auto-telescopic footrest, auto-sensing plantar position 13.Three rows of rolling massage and shiatus massage in leg part 14.LED headlights, sports car temperament 15.USB charger 16.Hot compress function of foot and waist 17.One carton integrative packaging, easily move into room 18.EPU leather, support choose color in catalogue.
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