Are massage chairs good for you?

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 Massage is one of the basic therapies of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which has significant effect fo

people health care and therapy of diseases.

With the development of society and faster space, the adults under greater stress, massage becomes 

more necessary for relaxing and relieving fatigue.

Now massage shops are in the streets and alleys, kinds of massage products appear in the market. Such as

 massage stick, foot massager, massage gun, massage ball, massage chair, etc.

However, except identifying the acupuncture points, most people do not know that the different massage time, 

pace and direction can affect the ideal heath care and therapy effect. No doubt Massage chair is the most comfortable

and best functional of all the massagers in the market.

Next let us talk about what benefits the massage chairs can bring for our body.

1.Dredging the channel

Do you suffer from indigestion sometimes? One secret of Traditional Chinese Medicine is that Kneading Acupuncture 

Zusanli and Knocking the spleen channel can adjust the digestive system well.Kneading calves and rollers for foot soles 

can stimulate the nerve endings, thereby boosting metabolism and coordinating functions of organs. The high end massage

 chair usually with those functions.

  foot massage chair

Preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Do you know the core part of massage chair? Yes, the mechanism! 

The mechanism learns human hands to stimulate the acupuncture points, combining with full body air bags massage and

 body stretch function, so as to improve blood and lymph circulation, decrease the heart workload.

2D ,3D,4D Mechanism can adjust the massage intensity, width, depth,etc.

For purchasing massage chair, sincere suggestion is at least 2D mechanism for better health care and massage experience.

4d massage chair-01

3.romoting recovery from chronic diseases

Massage chair is great option for the old, office staffs, athletes, etc, as it has good effect for cervical spondylosis

arthritis and rheumatism, etc, to relieve the pain of back, neck, waist, leg.

2020 new massage chair with whole body heating function, especially for someone with old injury, 

constant heating therapy to ease the pain and help recovery. Also good for the girls who suffer pain during

 physiological period.  

massage pain

4. Refreshing body and improving sleep

Do the Modern fast paced life and work make you feel tired usually?  Massage chair can relieve body fatigue and relax the spirit.  

It also improves sleep quality by stimulating the back acupuncture points.

The modern advanced massage chairs are equipped with super long SL-track, which naturally fit the human body with curve back, 

better massage for the back and buttock.

When you feel exhausted after one day tired work, just lie down on the massage chair, the soft mechanism head can massage 

your head to buttock, choose the favourite automatic programs, Bluetooth speaker plays sweet music around, zero gravity 

position is very suitable for a good dream.

best massage program for massage chair

5. Boosting immune system

2020 the latest massage chair with 4d mechanism, which has kinds of massage modes such as kneading, tapping, Knocking, shiatsu, 

rubbing, flapping, synchronous, manipulation,etc. These massage modes have good effect for diseases.  

For example, manipulation mode has anti-inflammatory and abatement of fever, etc, thus to meet boosting immune system.

6. Help improving the elasticity of muscles

Massage can promote the contraction and stretching of muscle fibers, improve the circulation and flow of body fluids such as blood and lymph, and ultimately improve the nutritional status of muscles.

It also enhance the elasticity and endurance of muscle tissue, and promote the recovery of atrophic muscles, eliminate muscle fatigue and so on.

massage muscle

7. Keeping you great shape, young and beautiful

As we mentioned massage can speed up the metabolism and burn fat. For some people who lack of time to do exercise, massage can help keep shape and healthy.

If you buy a massage chair, it means you also own one beauty apparatus. Due to it is very good for beauty, better circulation makes your skin more smooth, shiny and elastic.

In conclusion, the functions of massage chair is the modern technology of learning human hands massage. In traditional medicine, massage can dredge the channel and improve qi and blood circulation. In modern modern medicine, massage has benefit for joints flexible, better blood circulation, fatigue relief, etc.

Massage Chair not only can protect our body heath, but also relax our spirit. Great gift for our family. 

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