Air soothing air bags 4D Massage Mechanism Massage Chair MS-239

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If you have looked through our products and might find that we have launched several new massage chairs for a period time. Lots of great feedback makes us more confident to recommend these new massage chairs to more customers.

Especially luxury 4d massage chair MS-A239 is the top selling one.

There are so many 4d massage chair in the market. Almost every supplier use “4D “ as their advertisement, not matter what grades of the chairs.

Please go on reading, the following contents will assist you to purchase of a real high end massage chairs.

Well, what are the outstanding features of real 4D massage chair MS-A239?


Air soothing air bags 4D massage mechanism

It is not the traditional elastic robot hands. The Robot hand combined with airbags, achieving powerful and soft massage , not stiff and painful. Air suspension system has stable releasing gas frequency, one side can fit the body curve better, on the other side can cushion the impacts of the massage head. Massage can be easily controlled and last as you want.


Upgraded calves feet care

Nearly all high end massage chairs are equipped with calf care function. Morningstar MS-A239 4D massage chair newly increased heel tapping, calves Guasha therapy. Combining with heating function, super comfortable just like real Thai style pedicure.

massage chair programs

11 Kinds Automatic massage programs with customized modes

MS-A239 has the following automatic programs: Extreme choiceness, Deep relaxation, Neck and shoulder techniques, Waist and buttock emphasis, Body and mind relax, Warm kneading be considerate, Chinese style massage, Thai style brace.

Especially white noise music massage of good morning mode, good afternoon mode, good night mode, which are designed for different spirit and physical state of one day.

safe massage chair

Safe anti-pinch system

Safe anti-pinch system for leg and end cap bottom : safety sensors fitted in every moving part to avoid injury.

Except those innovative massage features, MS-A239 also has all the modern massage function as a high end massage chair.


Zero Gravity system

which is designed according to American NASA zero gravity capsule seat principle. Zero gravity position is the most relaxing position, because it reduces the gravity pressure, the weight of the body is evenly distributed across massage chair.

MS-239 has 3 levels angles zero gravity, 1 level comfortable sleep, 2 level pressure relief, 3 level simulate space capsule floating.

SL Massage track 136cm:

Advanced and ergonomic massage track, fitting the body curve better and covering more 30% massage area. 

Automatic extendable footrest 12cm, suitable for height 150-200cm


Automatic extendable footrest

Automatic extendable footrest 12cm, suitable for height 150-200cm

Full body 3D Airbags:

Airbags by squeezing, kneading to improve blood circulation. 5 levels massage intensity adjustment.

Smart AI body detection :Weight test and shoulder wide detection , adjustable massage roller width.

40℃ Constant heating therapy for calves and waist.


LCD Screen

Large LCD Touch screen: very easy to control, even for the aged.

Wireless charging & USB charging: convenient to charge your phone when enjoy the massage.

Space-saving design: 0cm against the wall, no worry the chair will take much space. 

Luxury appearance with environment friendly EPU leather and gloss piano spray paint, durable and no paint chip.

Bluetooth music, double body and spirit enjoyment synchronously. 

If you are interested in our new massage chairs or any questions about massage chairs, welcome to contact us anytime. By the way, we have discount for sample and bulk order right now.

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