Benefits of Airbag Massage In the Massage Chair

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Massage Chair performs full body massage by mechanical massage rollers and airbags massage. Airbag massage is necessary constituent parts to massage chairs , which first invented in 1995.


In the following introduction, you will learn how airbags work, normally which parts of chair are provided with airbags massage, how to choose a good massage chair refer to airbags and what benefits the airbags massage can bring us.

How do massage chair’s airbags work?

Airbag massage provides a compression massage by quickly inflating and deflating the air bags.


Different from the kneading, tapping massage methods of rollers, when performing massage, the airbags inflate around the target body part and compress it by squeezing down and then releasing.

Massage intensity is adjustable by how much the air bags inflated.

3 Common questions our customers usually meet when buying massage chair with airbags:

1)The bigger airbags the better?

Usually of course the bigger airbag have a better wrapping massage effect, but if beyond the best target massage area, it will bring redundant and inaccurate massage.


The airbags’sizes of a high end massage chair varies as per different body massage parts.

For waist, buttock and thigh parts, big airbags can preform a better wrapping and accurate massage. For hands,arms and feet , due to the relative weak tolerance, small airbags are better.

2).The more airbags the better?

Typically, most people believe that more airbags equal better massage programs and massage chairs. Actually it is not the numbers of airbags matters, but how they are placed and perform.


As we mentioned, the massage chair have mechanical rollers massage and airbags massage combination. Too many airbags may affect the mechanism rollers massage area and effect.


On the other hand, in the same quantities pumps, too many airbags will cause the weak massage intensity, which will bring reduced massage effectiveness.


3).Where are airbags located?

Modern deluxe electric full body multifunctional massage chairs are all equipped with massage airbags, which cooperate with robot human learning hands to perform a perfect massage.

Such as our latest 4D model MS-239 and MS-131. The massage airbags usually located throughout the chair to work on various body parts where the rollers can not reach, including:

Head and neck

 Shoulders-including front, sides, and back


Forearms and Hands

Waist and Buttock

Glutes & Thighs

Calves, Feet and Toes

The airbags has its range of application, the real high end technical massage chairs equipped with airbags on suitable body parts.

Airbags Massage Benefits

After introducing airbags, what exactly benefits are the airbags bring to us?

Promote body blood circulation

The purpose of airbag massage is to pump the blood towards the heart, a safe, commonly used technique that can increase blood and lymph flow, which also massaging muscles which can relax tension and help the body to rid itself of toxins.

 Relief arms muscular soreness and mouse hands

Arm massage can relieve arm muscle soreness, enhance local meridian metabolism, but also stimulate the arm muscles, prevent muscle atrophy and degeneration.


Prevention of varicose veins and muscle rigidity

Massage the legs with air pressure can prevent thrombosis, relieve muscle stiffness, and accelerate the blood circulation of the lower extremities.


 Eliminate Body swelling

Compressing tissues massage can improve better lymph flow. Lymph fluid houses our cells. By stimulating the flow, the massage can prevent or decrease swelling.


 Stretch Body

Airbags by inflating and deflating alternatively so that you feel additional rotations and stretching, that is hip twist function.


In summary, It is one-sided to measure the quality of products with some single standard of massage chair airbags. We should also pay attention to the airbags design, massage track, massage mechanism, brand strength etc.


Welcome to contact us if you meet any questions on massage chairs, we are professional and experienced!

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