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        "Which is the best Massage chair?"
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Morningstar will have SUPER SEPTEMBER festival in September 2019.

In this September,many super 4D massage chairs will have 20% off directly.

If you are still hesitate and waiting big discount for these amazing chairs,it is the time.

  1. we have to introduce Morningstar first. Moringstar is one of the biggest manufacture and OEM supplier. Our products have been sold all over the world.

    Focusing on massage products in health industry, providing scientific way of living and brand service,helping global users enjoy the healthy and fashionable lifestyle.
    Morningstar Provide ODM,OEM service.We have passed the international certifications such as CE, CB, SASO, RoHS, ETL, FCC, ISO, FDA, PSE, etc.Worth your trust on quality.

    Morningstar also have passed ISO09007 Certificate of quality system, ISO13485 Certificate of quality system, ISO14001 Environmental management system certification and ISO010012 Measurement management system certification. 

    about morningstar

2.Then which maybe the most competitive 4 D massage chairs in present Super September?

   we have make top 5 as below for your reference.  LOL .....

   TOP 1: MS-6300


Advantage:  a. the Luxurious crocodile skin Artificial leather is my favorite.

                    b. MS-6300 have about all functions of other chairs.Like Bluetooth Music,App control,body scan system and so on.

                    c. Unique cradle care. the best model when you are tired and want to have a napping on it.

                    d. Longest SL-track length of 1350 mm,conform to the spines natural shape.

                    (MORE CLIP HERE.)

TOP 2: RT-8760


Advantage: a.Sliding rail. Chair can be put very close to wall. Chair's body will slide forward when starting to save space. 

                   b.Body detecting to provide perfect width of massage.

                   c.3D massage mechanism

                   d.With APP for both IOS and Android.

                   (MORE CLIP HERE.)

TOP 3: MS-6602


Advantage: a.Unique Armest massage design: 288 salient points doing Acupuncture point pressure. Help promote blood circulation.

                   b.One carton package, no need to assemble when receive the chair. (This is the greatest thing for customers.)

                   c.USB socket for Moblie Phone charging.(this is most popular in young people.)

                   d.Best quality Massage Chair with Nine Auto Massage modes.

                   (MORE CLIP HERE.)

TOP 4: RT-500


Advantage: a.Automatic full body scanning with zero gravity.

                   b. I love this most since it can fit with any place with my house.No need big space to settle it.

                   c.Kenading and Rubbing for calf.

                   d.Intelligent two-way control, There is a control panel on each armrest.

                   (MORE CLIP HERE.)

TOP 5: RT-328B


Advantage: a.Dainty design, no noise, suitable for home use.

                     b.Three automatic massage function for optional: massage for upper body, lower body and full body.

                     c.SpecialS L shape rail offer massage from neck to leg.

                     d.Two-roller massage mechanism performs various massage modes like kneading, knocking, tapping.

                       (Yes,there are two roller mechanism,that's why so competitive!!!)

                      (MORE CLIP HERE.)


Super September with 20% OFF ,only in September 2019.

No waiting  NOW !

Recommended Products

ANY COIN APPLICABLE Commercial massage chair for business MOQ: 1 unit FOB SHANGHAI or any china port
Space Capsule Zero Gravity Massage Chair MOQ: 1 unit FOB SHANGHAI or any china port Warranty Period: One Year
1.AC110V/220V/240V 2.Power: 180W 3.Air Bag Qtty: Shoulder 4pcs /Hand 16pcs / Seat 4pcs / Leg 10pcs/ Foot 12pcs 4.7"touch screen control;armrest touch shortcut button 5.Program: Auto /Manual 6.SL-type super-long rail technology massage distance is 135cm 7.4D movement: 4 massage balls, shoulder position detection 8.One button design, slip against the wall & zero gravity 8.Auto-adjustment of leg degree,leg footrest adjust length automatically 9.Auto-telescopic footrest, auto-sensing plantar position 10.Three rows of rolling massage on the sole of the foot 11.Shoulder, hip, leg, hand, whole body air pressure massage 12.Bluetooth Music 13.Hot compress function of leg and waist 14.Negative Ion Air Generator 15.USB charging 16.EPU leather, support choose color in catalogue. 17.Plastic appearance can choose white / black
1.AC110V/220V/240V 2.Power: 150W 3.Air Bag Qtty: Shoulder 4pcs / Seat 4pcs / Leg 10pcs/ Foot 12pcs 4.Program: Auto /Manual 5.L-type super-long rail technology massage distance is 130cm 6.2D massage hands: 4 massage balls, precise massage 7.One button design, slip against the wall 5cm & zero gravity 8.Dual Control System: Manual Controller/Shortcut Button 9.Shoulder, hip, leg, foot air pressure massage 10.Bluetooth Music Playing in Left and Right Channels 11.Auto-adjustment of leg degree 12.Auto-telescopic footrest, auto-sensing plantar position 13.Three rows of rolling massage and shiatus massage in leg part 14.LED headlights, sports car temperament 15.USB charger 16.Hot compress function of foot and waist 17.One carton integrative packaging, easily move into room 18.EPU leather, support choose color in catalogue.
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