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Fully Assembled Curved Long Rail Shiatsu Wireless Bluetooth Speaker and USB charger Chair Massage

1.Best quality Massage Chair with Nine Auto Massage modes. 
2. Adjustable Massage Width from 6-20cm 
3. Super long L-shaped (25cm) massage orbit on backrest performs massage from head to thigh.
 4. Unique Armest massage design: 288 salient points doing Acupuncture point pressure. Help promote blood circulation. 
5. Heating therapy for waist. 
6. USB socket for Moblie Phone charging. 7. Rolling massage for feet. 
8. Bluetooth connection with mobile phone.Then user can control the chair or play music via mobile phone. 
9. One carton package, no need to assemble when receive the chair.
  • MS-6602
  • Morningstar
  • 9019101000

Morningstar has 20+ years' experience in massage chair.Sample order Acceptable!

OEM&ODM Acceptable!
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home massage chair

massage machine chair

Intelligent commutation technology

The use of advanced mechatronics technology, from the motor to the guide rail to the movement, is equipped with a multi-chip combination for the massage chair, so that the operating instructions can be returned more quickly, and the unnecessary pause time when the movement is switched.

syn massage chair


Flexible intelligent reversing technology realizes that the movement can be beaten while kneading, and the anthropomorphic massage
technique is further improved.

massage roller chair

Soft & Electric Massage Roller

Selected customized organic silicone massage head, round roller design, flexible and elastic, durable and comfortable to massage

stretch massage chair

Full Body Scan Technology

Body Scan Technology provides users with the most accurate, precise massage that’s personalized for your specific body size and shape. Body scans work by utilizing sensors and state of the art technology to register the size, shape, and curves of each user.
This allows the chair to customize the massage to your needs and ensures the rollers are hitting all the correct points.

full body massage chair

Thai Stretch

Our Full Body Stretch function holds your hips in place while your legs are pulled down and your back is stretched. Get amazing
stretches every single day with our Full Body Stretch function and start reaping the health benefits now.

heating massage chair

Heating for Waist

Our massage chair is designed to fit people of all heights. Whether you are 4 feet or 6 feet 5 inches, we have engineered thechair to match your exact height. Our adjustable leg extensions make it easy to extend or shorten the legs to a position that makes you most comfortable.

arm massage chair

Stay away from carpal tunnel syndrome disease

The spherical convex point design of the palm fits the hand better, and the built-in magnet makes the massage effective. Built-in convex point design on the arm, with the airbag squeeze, the massage is more in place.

foot massage chair

Airbags Foot Massage

Three-stage foot massage, roller scraping + bump massage + heel pinching, air squeezing on both sides, calf more comfortable.

leather massage chair

Microfiber Leather 

1.color customization available2. Corrosion resistance3. Wear resistance 4. High air permeability5. Easy to clean6. Cold and heat resistance: high temperature

70C, low temperature -25C test

usb massage chair

USB Charge

music massage chair Music Speaker

Built-in Blue tooth speaker on both sides, just open your mobile phone Bluetooth and link the MS-6602 massage chair to play music.Adapt to any phone model.

oem massage chair

logo decorative

aluminum plate

massage chair size

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