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what is the difference between 2D, 3D and 4D Massage Chairs

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What is the difference between 2D, 3D and 4D Massage Chairs

There are people who already own one such chair but may be looking to upgrade for better massage features. There are a lot of things that one needs to consider before making a buying decision for such product that is usually a one-time purchase lasting long. One such consideration is technology and features. Massage chairs are not referred to have been built with different technologies including 2D, 3D or 4D. Although many of the buyers are not even aware of basic differences between these chairs. This article will guide you about those differences so one can make decision depending upon need.

2D Technology in Massage Chair:

2D massage chairs are the traditional chairs or can in true terms be called as original massage chairs that are commonly purchased and found everywhere in marketplace. The basic design of these chairs have 2D technology meaning they have rollers that can move up and down and left and right. This kind of basic massage chair works well to relax your tensed muscles and soothes your body.

Features include:

· These were the very first kind of massage chairs. They work along x and y axis.

· Perfect kneading and rolling actions can be produced with these chairs and some even have the option of speed and width adjustment.

· Thus you can make rollers move left/right, fast/slow or wide/narrow.

· These 2D massage chairs would perform in 2 dimensions while remaining flat on one plane.

hfmornigstar 3D massage chair

3D Technology in Massage Chair:

When you look for massage chairs, another mention of technology would be 3D which is usually more expensive high grade massage chairs. These are termed as higher tier machines because in addition to having all the features of a 2D massage chair, they give you additional movement that enables rollers to move in and out for an improved therapy.

Features include:

· The basic idea behind development of 3D chairs is that they ought to give you deeper and enhanced intensity of massage when and as needed.

· These chairs work along x, y and z axis.

· These premium massage chairs not only have roller extract and retract action but they can press back so well that you feel like getting massage from human hands just as a professional therapist does. So these 3D massage chairs give third plane of motion.

· Moreover they have the ability to scan your body height and shape and thus gives you more of a personalized massage session.

· You get additional control as user can adjust depth of massage from soft to deep. Massage depth usually ranges between 2 inches to 4.7 inches.

· Thus user gets a massage that is more accurate to their body and need.

So with a 3D massage chair that some may think may be too intense for them, you get adjustability (usually, you have to look for this feature) of intensity so you can keep it at your personal level of comfort and enjoy a comfortable experience of massage.

3D massage chair

What is the hype of 4D Massage Chairs?

4D massage chairs are termed as 4D as along with the features of a 3D massage chair they are appointed with rollers’ ability to turn. Thus as rollers have the ability to turn, these massage chairs can reach even deeper within your body. Many people suffering from back and shoulders problems really gain benefit from this technology.

Features include:

· Enhances the classic human touch therapy

· with its ability to perform various massage techniques.

· These chairs can be really effective for your back and can reach up to your shoulders too.

· No massage chair can reach up to the level of 4D although you can adjust the intensity of massage therapy with these chairs too soft with adjustment of pressure.


Uncertainty about 4D Massage Chairs:

According to some 4D massage chair is only a hype and a strategy to market chairs. In real, there is no such thing as a 4th dimensions and massage chairs advertised as 4D are chairs that function similar to 3D chairs going up and down, left and right, in and out. Since it is true that only 3 axis exists including x, y and z. There is no 4 direction as such but only some additional speed and intensity features are added to give those chairs a new category.


So overall, 3D massage chairs work good enough. They are more expensive than 2D chairs but this additional cost gives you plenty of good options with speed and intensity that one may opt for. So if your budget is tight than 2D chair may be the choice you should make and there are many models and brands offering good quality in this category. But if you can break a little more of your bank, then look for the features like speed, intensity, heating, reclining and other features that these chairs offer.


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