Would you like it?-New Model 4D Massage Chair MS-236

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Good news, our heavyweight model MS-236 has been launched in the middle of this month!

Steadiness and modest maturity are the essence of this massage chair.

This essence is represented by the mixture of straight and curved lines. The advanced technology of ms-236 is represented through the three-dimensional surface treatment. Through subtle steadiness and elegance, a world of innovation opens up before our eyes.

The metal strip decoration makes people leave an impression, adding more texture to the chair.


Intelligent 4d massage mechansim,the mechanism can stick out by 135mm at top setting.  Infrared detection of position and speed, advanced heated massage rollers 4d massage mechanism chair

massage roller chair

Anthropomorphic massage track, use infrared to detect position and speed.

(1) Achieve position control with 1mm resolution to find precise massage points.
(2)Achieve speed 15cm/s-1cm/s ultra-wide range control, so that the massage techniques are diversified and speed is free.
(3)The AI algorithm enables different users to enjoy the same physical therapy.

Massage intensity feedback:
Real-time monitoring of massage strength (accuracy: 0.1kg-0.2kg);  Make massage techniques intelligent and personified.
Speed sensor -- the speed of the massage technique can be changed flexibly
Pressure sensor - simulation of human hand strength change  
Position sensor - accurate detection of partial changes

Smart body scan

body scan massage chair

sl shape guide track 135cm

full body airbags

full body massage chair 
3 levels zero gravity position

automatic leg extension 15cm,calves heating,+rhythm rubbing & kneading

leg massage chair 
AI voice control, press voice on to start voice control system
dual surround sound
 heart rate detection
larger and more wide seat ,suitable for 1.5m-2m heights

A massage program can be selected by body part.

Upper body/Waist/Lower body/Leg/Full Body

Massage programs by theme:

19 automatic programs

4D acupoint massage/One-button sleep aid

Royal hand heating massage/President customization

Slender service for queen/Elderly health/Stretch massage

Spine care/Late night work conditioning

Social conditioning/Noon nap

Post-workout recovery/Vitality recovery

Shoulder and  neck care/Waist and hip relaxation/Leg and foot relaxation


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