New Airrval Massage Chair -MS-268

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New Airrval Massage Chair -MS-268 

1.Smooth and sleek curved design, ergonomic full coverage sitting, metallic color scheme highlights the high quality, casting timeless classics.

massage chair A268

2.Body scan first, then massage . Create a customized,personalized massage.

More like the secret of human hand massage- accurate.

full body massage chair

3.The intelligent optocoupler function can accurately adapt to the different body types of the whole family

 through the difference in height, spinal curvature and cervical curvature.

4.Fingertip detection, 30 seconds to quickly obtain the health index, through the built-in multispectral sensor

 to collect physiological data measurement module, accurately measure pulse waveform, heart rate value, 

blood oxygen value and vascular microcirculation parameters and other information. Using front-end sensor

 technology, combined with unique signal conditioning technology and algorithms, blood pressure, blood

 oxygen and heart rate values are obtained, and abnormal and health status are prompted in time.

5.Advanced “dual core “ technology to lead the extraord

inary A268 adopts 3D airbag mechanism + intelligent 

multi-dimensional mechanism, which is embodied as two professional masseurs working together efficiently 

and synchronously in the upper and lower body at the same time, creating 

a healthy and comfortable  “double core" experience.

3d dual mechanism

The neck and shoulder 3D airbag mechanism realizes the three-dimensional extension of the massage hand 

according to the curvature of the neck and back, and grasps the cervical spine and trapezius muscles in a "V" shape

 like a human hand, penetrates deep into the fascia, and relieves muscle stiffness. The strength of the 3D airbag mechanism

 can be retracted and released freely, giving you a delicate and comfortable precise massage.

The smart waist hip multi-dimensional mechanism,intelligently fits the waist hip curve ,deeply compresses 

the soreness points of the waist, and strongly rubs the fat layer of the buttocks in  the "V" shape ,activating the smooth flow of qi and blood in the lower body.

The classic traditional Chinese medicine massage technique combined with the new Thai top back technique, 

the shoulder, neck, hips and legs are massaged at the same time, and the body care is a new enjoyment!

The body is divided into seven areas, by the combination of two cores and four hands, the body is relaxed comprehensively without dead ends.

Upper mechanism grabs kneads shoulder and neck: Fits the cervical curve, relieves fatigue.

Lower mechanism knocks the buttocks: Relaxes muscle quickly and relieves stiffness .

Upper mechanism clamps shoulder: Stimulates acupoint deeply, releases pressure

Lower mechanism kneads the waist: double stimulation of the technique to activate qi and blood.

Upper mechanism lifts head and neck: Pulls neck up and down to restore curvature.

Lower mechanism manipulates spine: Push the body back and forth to boost immunity.

Upper mechanism top back thoracic spine:Thai style chest expansion top back, stretch the body.

Lower mechanism kneads hip thigh: Relaxes lower limb stiffness and relieves fatigue.

More comfortable massage chair with better massage techniques,more precise acupoint, and the four hands are more coordinated.

6.Back waist and calf side heating therapy, hot spring style 45°constant heating, warm and relax body quickly.

Focus details, create the high-quality goods.

7. The palm position equipped with salient points clamp hands kneading plate, cooperates with pulsed

 air pressure, takes care of body health and enhances the function of the body's spleen and stomach. 

The pressure-relieving air bags on both sides of the legs promote the return of qi and blood, and the

 calf shiatsu kneading plate deeply relaxes the gastrocnemius muscle of the legs and improves the muscular legs.

The sole of feet abandon the traditional salient points massage, and use a three-dimensional rolling

 scraper wheel to stimulate the acupuncture points, humanoid finger joint scraping stimulates 

acupuncture points and undersole reflex areas.

8. Upgraded 7 inch high definition touch screen,the massage process is clear at a glance, adjust massage anytime.

Equipped with shortcut keys on right side, easy to operate.

Lying with zero pressure angle, feeling soft air pressure massage like in a cloud, listening to stereo surround HD music.

A new concept of healthy life with well-designed, full potential and comfortable.

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