How do I start a vending machine business

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Many people have told you that,start a vending machine business,you become your own boss,easy to earn money,gain the freedom to spend on the things you want,have the control over your own destiny.

But,you have to read more about below and learn more about this business.You are not late after you understand it.

1.Does the vending massage chair popular in Market?

Now in China and many countries,you can see vending massage chair at many public area,

e.g. air port,train station,shopping mall,supermarket,and so on.

Our vending chair quantity we exported is Growing at a rate of 25% per year.

Now is sharing economy,sharing to pubblic,nobody will refuse a full body massage,at a cost of one hamburge.

One of our biggest customer in US have told us that,each vending chair could bring them about $200 per day.


2.Find a right method to accept payment which be most popular in your market.

Every country have its own main payment method.

In China,people are used to use Wechat/Ali-pay by their phone everywhere.Even a street 

vendor also have his own and unique Wechat/Ali-pay QR code to receive payment.

Then we have cloud management for customers.They can easy to find how many chairs are working,how many chairs on each locations.

Market popular with coins

Coin operated vending chairs are the first appeared vending method.Honestly this is the easest method to bring customer's coins into your own pocket. People feel better to have a full boday massage when just spend several coins.

Now coin operated have two types:

A,one type coin acceptance

B,5 types coins MAX acceptance(little expensive than the A choice.)

coin operated vending massage chair

Market popular with bills

Almost same with the coins on working,just with bills,also have two types:

A,one type bill acceptance

B,5 types bills MAX acceptance

Coins & Bills operated vending chairs need Regular withdrawal of money.In case of working error when money be full of the inside box.

bill operated vending massage chair

Market popular with credit cards

For credit card,I can write a 2000 words artical about it.I will share more in other posts and add links below.

Please save our website we will keep updation.Hope you can learn more .

credit card vending massage chair

about the vending and massage chairs.

In all,we use the third party POS machine with our chairs.Mainly used Nayax & Eport.

Nayax have VPOS / VPOS TOUCH / VPOS FUSION,be available in many countries,like England,Switzerland,Austria,Germany,Japan,America,Canada,Panama,Australia,South Africa and so on.Below are the countries they serve.

counties Nayax be available

For Eport,only be available in America and Canada,but they are cheap on machine than the Nayax,You can check their prices on their website directly.

After compared,Nayax have more countries service,Eport only have America and Canada.

Nayax and Eport have different prices and fees when use them.Nayax provide various method for payment,even Chinese Wechat pay and Ali pay.

Full payment methods like below:

Debit and credit cards

Swipe, contact or contactless, EMV chip cards

Mobile & NFC payments

Google Pay, Samsung Pay, Apple Pay

Interac, Swish, Twint, Paytm, MobilePay

Monyx Wallet – Nayax’s own mobile payment app

Prepaid cards and closed environments

Static and dynamic QR codes, including Alipay and WeChat Pay

One interested thing,have you think about to have three method together with your chairs?

Coin + bill + credit card . We can provide customized service.We already have customer did this.But we don't suggest every customer do like this.Different market have different Consumption habits.Every decision need to be made based on your market. Have a deep investigation then.

3.How to assemble them into our chairs? matter which one you are going to use,we can make it based on your requirement and assemble them directly for you. Also we will test them before we ship them to you.To ensure they will work well after arriving you.

2.For coin and bill operated chairs,you need us to assemble them for you.Since they are different.For credit card POS machine,there is a way for you to assemble it by yourself.But you should be carefully to make them right and in good looks. 

I will share how to assemble the credit card POS machine on the chairs.Tell you how to connect the wires inside,the function of each wire,and which cable need to be connect on the chair's motherboard.

Save our website and you will learn more.

And you know,home use chairs normally are more comfortable than the vending chairs,then,how to make our home use chair have the vending function? 

Save us,you will see it soon.

All in all,above just tell us Vending chairs is popular and easy to collect money.But we still need to check the position to settle them.Choose the right payment method to have people be more comvenient to spend their money.

Follow us,we will share more with you.


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