Find home/vending massage chair manufacture in China

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Find home/vending massage chair manufacture in China

How to find a Massage Chair Supplier in China with strength and nice-looking is the most problems concerned by Internet customers. 

At present, The market for massage chairs on the Internet is chaotic, and the phenomenon of high price and low quality coexisting directly interferes with customers Intuitive judgment.


The Massage chair factory has a long is operation life , and the massage chair factory with a long service life is complete in technology and equipment. It can guarantee the production capacity, the service ability of the customer and the guarantee system of various cooperation.

Hefei Morningstar Healthmate Fitness Co., Ltd was established in 1997.

Morningstar is a leading enterprise of RD, production and marketing, focusing on massage products in health industry, providing scientific way of living and brand service,helping global users enjoy the healthy and fashionable lifestyle.

Morningstar Provide ODM,OEM service.We have passed the international certifications such as CE, CB, SASO, RoHS, ETL, FCC, ISO, FDA, PSE, etc.Worth your trust on quality.

Morningstar also have passed ISO09007 Certificate of quality system, ISO13485 Certificate of quality system, ISO14001 Environmental management system certification and ISO010012 Measurement management system certification. 


In addition, Morningstar has a full set of tests for product materials.

Dropping Test


This equipment is applied to testing the influence extent of goods when it dropped accidentally in transit . 

And the result is mainly employed to prove the impact resistance of commodity and it's rationality of package design.

Low temperature test


This machine is used to test our chair's accessories outfit standards in Low Temperature. 
Such as for Electronic Components; Spray Lacquer parts; Plastic Cement; Silk-Screen Label, etc

Bursting Test


It is suitable for testing the bursting strength of carton, synthetic leather, cloth, leather, thin metal sheet, etc

The number of line bending test


This equipment is used for bending test of all wire harnesses involved in the company's products. Which include power cords, movement wires and other auxiliary wiring harnesses.

High temperature test


This equipment is used for the environmental test of electronic components, paint parts, plastics, leather, packing materials, rubber, silk printing label, etc
PS: Test Room Temperature: 250

Temperature Cycling Test


This equipment is used for the environmental test of electronic components, paint parts, plastics, leather, packing materials, rubber, silk printing label, etc
PS: Temperature Range: -40℃-150℃
Relative humidity/RH: 38%-98%

Torsion resistance test of leather


This equipment is mainly used for the resistance of leather, cloth and other materials to fold back and forth. It uses one side of the sample as the inside and the other side as the outside to bend back and forth until the sample is damaged or after bending for a certain number of times, to see the damage degree

RoHS/Coating Test


This equipment is suitable for environmental monitoring of solid, liquid, powder, CD, film and other types of samples. It adopts the third party standard samples to make work curve and conforms to the laws and regulations of measurement certification

Three coordinate


Suitable for precise measurement of all kinds of parts size, such as: mold size, aperture, cylinder, surface and curve;Check dimension accuracy or form deviation of parts
PS: Measurement Accuracy: 0.001mm
Measurement Range: 
X: 800mm
 Y: 1000mm
 Z: 600mm

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