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Cheap portable sl track zero gravity recliner massage chair for home

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Cheap portable sl track zero gravity recliner massage chair for home 

1. Smart body scan system.

2. Zero against wall and ground technology realize angle transcendence.

3. Longest SL-Track length of 140cm serves to reach thigh, conform to the spines natural shape.

4. 3D 4-wheel massage mechanism cooperate with slient motor in master massage.

5. Heating function release body fatigue.

6. Bluetooth technology, stereo music speaker.

7. Whole body wrapping massage by airbags to squeeze and soothe tired shoulders, arms and legs.

8. Space capsule design cooperate with one-touch zero gravity provide a weightless feeling to relieve tension, stress abd muscle discomfort.

9. Unique cradle care.

10. Tailored sole rolling massage gives your feet a healthier revitalized feel.

11. Push to move and save effort, innovative four-wheel mobile design, before and after the slide.

12. Updated easy-to-read LED controller with intuitive buttons for easy massage control.

13. USB cellphone charging.

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