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New Design 4D SL-Track Thai Stretching Zero Gravity Massage Chairs Recliner with Tapping, Heating and Foot Roller

1. Advanced spray paint surface treatment, environmental protection PU, laser engraving LOGO 2. 4D intelligent massage mechanism 3. Eight+Three physiotherapy procedures 4. One-button zero gravity 5. The whole body airbags, shoulders, arms, buttocks, legs, feet 6. Sole double-row roller massage 7. The legs can be electrically extended by 12CM 8. Support wireless charging, USB wired charging 9. Super large LCD smart touch, one-button control10. 10. Bluetooth speaker, mood light
  • MS-131
  • Morningstar

Morningstar massage chair MS-131 provides four-roller back massage, multi-zone heater, zero gravity, full body air massage, and ability to fit multiple user body sizes with it special height accommodation technology..The shoulder and head adjustment system is innovative. When used in conjunction with leg extensions, the chair can easily accommodate tall people. It was difficult to find such a chair before. This is a real chair with unique functions and reasonable cost, which can meet all your needs.

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