RT8760L Smart 4D Home Massage Chair

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RT8760L is a massage chair jointly produced by Rotai and Morningstar, which is an upgraded version of RT8760.

The design of MS8760L is inspired by the daily home decorations. The designer fully considered the different scenes that it shall go along with. The fine and smooth lines and the classic and simple colors lend themselves to most settings and decorations.

Interior Design

There is an USB charging port at the armrest of MS8760L to tackle the charging needs while enjoying massage. Advanced speakers allow music immersions via Bluetooth.

A massage chair consists of thousands of components,every massage chair sent to our customers has been through standard procedures of product manufacturing, testing, inspection, failure rate reporting, vendor selection and scoring for controlling the quality

• Strong and durable with excellent finish.

• Deformation resistance, impact resistance and wear resistance.

• Specially-made anti-impact and shock absorption screws are used to fix vibration parts

• Heavy Duty Iron Metal Chair Frame, Provide Solid Support

Why MSTAR Massage Chair Weighs More

The 1.5-2.5mm square tube we use for chair frame,

1-1.5mm thicker than C channel iron frame,

is more rugged than equivalent quality C channel iron frame.

 Iron frame connects the guide track and provides solid support for the chair.

Specialized Neck&Back Massage Mechanism

MSTAR massage chair is equipped with various combination of massage techniques,thanks to the agile reversing technology it used,massage rollers can perform synchronized kneading &tapping massage down along the back to soothe the tension and keep the vitality of muscles. in the back.

Armrest Airbags with Bumpy Dots

There are 6 meridian line and hundreds of acupoints in the hand and arm.

MS8760L uses a 404MM long, 106MM wide, with 288 bumpy dots pad to improve the air pressure massage efficiency for the hand and arm.

Along with the air pressure massage,the protruding dots

stimulate at the acupoint on hands and arms to help boost the blood circulation.

Zero Gravity Position for a More Refreshing Experience

The horizontal position that the height of the legs slightly higher than the upper body,at 126±7 degrees between the upper body and legs,the weight of body

can evenly distributed throughout ,reducing the pressure of the spine and joints and helping to reach a deeper state of relaxation.

3 Underfoot Rollers +Airbags

3 Underfoot rollers  perform hand simulation rolling and shiatsu massage ,together with the airbags,the footrest provides enveloping massage to increase the supply of fresh blood to the feet.

•Spiky rollers offers extra stimulation on acupoints of soles.
•3 spiky rollers under foot provide precise stimulation to the reflex areas.

5 massage intensity settings for foot air pressure

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