2020 The Best Massage Chair -FY8500

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2020 The Best Massage Chair - FY8500


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This aritical is for home massage chairs,if you are Looking for vending massage chairs,pls CLICK HERE and find some recomemdation.

FY8500 is the latest type we promote in market with full plastic shell.

SUPER SL rail provide the best shape to fit your back,with soft massage balls.

AI smart Scan,Best Massage chair FY8500 detect your shoulder and boday automatically. Show the best massge feeling to people with different body shape.

Save Space,the high class Massage chairs could be Zero Gravity. FY8500 only need to be 5 cm away from the wall. Other chairs need about 60 cm away from the wall. Our chair will occupy less space in your home.

Therapeutic Heat,the best massage chair is heat + massage. Full back heater will provide the best Therapeutic massage.

7" touch screen,make your control  quicker and faster.

Air Lonizer,is the real unique function in massage chairs.The mark of best massage chair ! 

1.Producing active oxygen. 

The Negative Ion Air Generator releases Negative Oxygen Ion, which can active oxygen and make people breath more easily like in the forest. It is the newest air cleaner.  


2.Improving sleep and appetite: 

Negative ion is natural and good for improving sleep, it can relax and refresh our body, brain. 

And also increase the appetite.  


3.Enhancing body resistance: 

 The more negative ion will bring more globulin which can increase the antibody of the body. 


4.Improving lung function:

 It can improve the efficiency of lung to absorb oxygen and boost metabolism. 

In a word, It is really a great invention for modern society people, right ? 


Our newest popular 3D Massage Chair FY-8500A with Negative Ion Air Generator. You can enjoy the massage and breath the fresh air at the same time, which are both good for health. 


The newest 3D model Massage Chair FY-8500A, not only with the highest massage technology, but also with the newest Negative Oxygen Ion Generator in the right side of the chair. 

It is one the most popular high-end Massage Chairs we have now. Honestly to say, it is very competitive in the massage chair market. 

2020 best massage chair

2020 best massage chair Lengthen SL rail

2020 best massage chair body scan

2020 best massage chair zero gravity and save space

2020 best massage chair foot massager

2020 best massage chair heater

2020 best massage chair touch screen

2020 best massage chair air lonizer

benifit of air Lonizer of 2020 best massage chair

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