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Air Pressure Foot & Calf Massager

Heating therapy for foot sole
MOQ: 1 unit
FOB SHANGHAI or any china port

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Air Pressure Foot & Calf Massager 

1. Three colors available: Red, Blue and Yellow.

2. Three kinds of automatic programs: Soft Relaxing, Fatigue Relieve and Recovery of Ache.

3. Five kinds of massage modes: Kneading & push, Kneading & rolling, Shiatsu, Twist and Air pressure massage.

4. Rollers perform rolling massage for heel, rolling and shiatsu massage for central and front of foot.

5. Air bags surround foot and perform comfortable air pressure massage for sides of foot.

6. Heating therapy for foot sole.

7. There're three kinds of massage intensities for adjustable.

8. The reclining angle can be adjusted, suitable for different people.

9. The internal cover can be removed for cleaning or replaced.

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