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2020 New Wholesale Zero Gravity Massage Chair 4D

4D massage mechanism.
Bluetooth and APP.
Balanced, thorogh, and rhythmic massage sessions.

  • RT8900
  • Moringstar
  • 9019101000

2020 New Wholesale Zero Gravity Massage Chair 4D

True 3D Deep Tissue Massage System

Most massage chairs don't really have a 3D massage system,  Many don't even know

what 3D massage really means, but our True 3D Deep Tissue Massage System means True 3D. 

This means it performs extreme deep tissue massages along your back, around your neck,

and in the shape of your spine. The specially designed massage rollers protrude deep into your neck,back, and lower back to ensure that your whole body can enjoy the healing potential of a massage.Our True 3D Deep Tissue Massage System is so effective, you will feel like a brand new person aftereven the most stubborn stiffness is massaged away.

Model MS-8900
Zero Gravity Sleep System
Full Body Scan - Smart Full Body Medical Scan
Double Mechanism Sync Massage for neck,shoulders,back and waist
3D Massage - True 3D Deep Tissue Massage System
Lower Back Massage - Intense Lower Back Rollers
Graphene heat-Back,waist and leg heat function Boost the massage benefits Between 45-50 ℃
Engulfed Arm Massage System
Quiet Massage
Adjustable Leg Extensions
Wheels so you can easily move the chair around.
Full Body Stretch
Shoulder Massage - Humongous Shoulder Massagers
Foot Reflexology Massage System
Custom Forming Sole Rollers
Hand Reflexology Massage System
Full Body Reflexology Massage System
Human Hands Massage System
Head Massager
Chiropractic Body Twist Technology
50 Layers airbags
USB / MP3 / Music/APP
Operating Voltage 110V-220V
Recline Dimensions Feet Down 205*85*83CM
Upright Dimensions 170*85*125CM
Weight 180kgs

4d massage chair

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4d massage chair-2

4d massage chair-3

4d massage chair-4

4d massage chair-5

4d massage chair-6

4d massage chair-7

4d massage chair-8

4d massage chair-9

4d massage chair-10

4d massage chair-11

4d massage chair-12

4d massage chair-13

full body massage chair

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From CNN, to Dr. Oz, to Dr. Mark Hyman Rapaport to Dr. Brent Bauer at the prestigious Mayo Clinic, every day more and more doctors are seeing the benefits that massage therapy can provide for their patients. But because of the high cost of massage therapy and the high number of sessions needed, getting massage therapy on a daily basis proves to be too expensive for most people's budgets.That's what we want to bring to customers to making  Medical massage chair. Morningstar is a revolution in massage therapy technology. It is the first chair medically engineered to help fix your posture, reduce pain throughout your entire body and help you fall asleep.
Dr. Mehmet Oz, Harvard University
Doctor on CNN & Wall Street Journal
Dr. Brent Bauer - Mayo Clinic
Dr. Mark Hyman Rapaport Chair
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